Sharon Fridman

Sharon Fridman. Madrid.

¿Hasta dónde?/ 15 ´


Photo: Gerardo Sanz

  • Sunday 29th June 21:30 h
  • Solar Circo Social. C/Las Armas
  • Choreography: Sharon Fridman
  • Dancers: Sharon Fridman/Arthur Bernad-Bazin.
  • Music: Luis Miguel Cobo.
  • Synopsis: The body floats freely, adrift. We become liberated from that which controlled us before. A waltz appears, it comes closer, between us emerges a bridge, a possibility. We don´t know the destination of the journey but we know that now there is no return and no chance of change. We recognise ourselves after the dawn, at that part of the journey where our bodies lay to rest. To go up we must first go down, but how far must we go?

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