Sara Martinet

Sara Martinet. Francia.

Siége/ 22´


Photo: Manuel Ballestín.

  • Utebo: Friday 27th June 19:15 h. Plaza Santa Ana
  • Zaragoza: Friday 27th June 23:30 h. Terraluna Terraza
  • Coreography: Sara Martinet
  • Dancer: Sara Martinet

The body and object duet – created in 2012.

Winner of the “Young Choreographer” award in 2012 at the Centre of Culture in Balavoine (Arques).

  • Synopsis: “Siѐge” is a speech without words, a search for the “interior” and the “exterior”. A duet between body and object, facing the limits of proximity and of infinity, to reveal an absurd, common and universal loneliness. Through movements which search to escape the boundaries, the dancer demystifies through acrobatics and contortions. A character who is tragic, clownish and lost, all at the same time…

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