Proyecto Titoyaya

Proyecto Titoyaya. Valencia.

Duet-Retrato/ 15´


  • Saturday 28th June 19:30 h
  • Plaza San Bruno
  • Choreography: Gustavo Ramírez Sansano
  • Dancers: Mónica Cervantes, Gustavo Ramírez
  • Synopsis: The duet “a Portrait of Oscar Wilde” takes us into the mind of Gustavo Ramírez, in the universe of the playwright in question. Through movement we will discover moments in the personal life of the writer, who appears in a scene with his wife Constance. The relationship between Wilde and his lover and the adoration that Wilde felt for beauty and his particular artistic vision of beauty are important factors in the development of the piece. Above all, it is a defence of beauty, tolerance and individuality which goes against prejudice and conventional ideas.

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