Kukai. P. Vasco.

Gelajauziak/ 25’

Kukai. Foto Kukai.

  • Sunday 29th June 20:00 h
  • Solar Circo Social. C/Las Armas
  • Choreography: Cesc Gelabert.
  • Dancers: Alain Maya, Eneko Gil, Ibón Huarte, Jon Maya, Urko Mitxelena, Nerea Vesga
  • Music: Sabin Bikandi/Xabier Erkizia.
  • Synopsis: The street is the starting place, the plaza is the place to meet. A new look at traditional dance. And as a witness to it all, the sculpture “Akelarre” by Néstor Basterretxea is the influence for the construction of the choreography.


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