D´click. Zaragoza.

L´avant premiére/ 15´

foto 1.L'avant premièrefoto 1.L'avant premièred´click

  • Sunday 29th June. 19:30 h.
  • Solar Circo Social. C/Las Armas 79-83
  • Choreography : Ingrid Magrinyá
  • Dancers: Ana Castrillo/Hugo Gauthier
  • Synopsis: The performance, which jumps between reality and fiction, creates a poetic and intimate universe through theatrical writing which uses influences from dance and circus. The show winks at the fascinating world of the dreamer and the story-teller of cinema. That marvellous place where we lose ourselves, where it doesn´t matter if the room is chockablock or empty, because we manage to recreate our desires and that is sufficient enough for us to combat imperfection.


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