Daniel Doña

Daniel Doña. Madrid.

A Pie de calle/ 20´


  • Saturday 28th June 20:20 h
  • Solar nº 5. Calle San Agustín
  • Choreography: Daniel Doña
  • Dancers: Cristian Martín & Daniel Doña
  • Music: Sylvain Chauveau (Au Nombre Des Choses), Giovanni Sollima (Party)
  • Synopsis: “What I like about you is that you believe that you are the only person who is confused”. Relationships between people are inevitable, as long as one doesn´t live in complete isolation without human contact. Therefore, temporary moments of physical contact with others are inevitable, however the slight brush of someone who passed by doesn´t generate any understanding of them or mean that you share anything with them. However, there are moments in which we feel impulsed into penetrating the universe of others, in which we try to look into their thoughts and feelings, we ask why they are here and not in another place, why did they choose the life they lead and not another, and what would they have liked to have done which they haven’t? In a few words, taking an interest in others. Nothing more. Trying to find out if there are shared paths which can join people together. Trying to find bridges which can connect two or more people together. It’s about trying to socialise, something which appears to be more and more difficult.


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