Pájaro Mosca

Pájaro Mosca. México.

Diagrama de la Trayectoria del Sistema de Lorenz/ 8´


  • Saturday 28th June 20:05 h
  • Solar nº5 Calle San Agustín.

Winners of ´Certamen de Creación en Danza Contemporánea de Solos y Dúos SóLODOS En Danza / Barva – Costa Rica- 2014´

  • Choreography: Elisa Medina/Noemí Sánchez
  • Dancers: Elisa Medina/ Noemí Sánchez
  • Synopsis: A stable system, throughout time, tends towards one specific point or obit within its dimension. An unstable system escapes from the axes which try to hold it in place. However, a chaotic system shares both of these characteristics. One of the main features of an unstable system is that it has a great dependence on the initial conditions. In the case of chaotic systems, even the slightest difference in these conditions causes the system to evolve in a completely different way.

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