Joaquín Abella

Joaquín Abella. Madrid.



  • Sunday 29th June 20:25 h
  • Solar Circo Social. C/Las Armas
  • Chorepgraphy: Joaquín Abella/Stefano Fabris
  • Dancers: Joaquín Abella/Stefano Fabris
  • Music: Ombra Mai Fu (FULL) Händel. Cecilia Bartoli. Deadtree hugger. The Balanecu Quartet.

Winner of the public prize of the 27th Choreographic Competition of Marid by unanimous decision and the award of the critic “Words in movment”.

  • Synopsis: Scontro is a piece of contemporary dance created to be performed in both the streets and in theatres, and is performed by Stefano Fabris and Joaquín Abella. We work with movement as well as still poses, so that the image will remain in the memories of all those who are watching. We treat space like a place of transition, which could be in a square, in train carriages, in a street or on a road. With this piece we want to share our experience of seeing ourselves through others, and being able to enjoy company during different parts of the project. In short, we seek to stimulate ourselves and then share our experience

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