Diverse Theatre Art in Trayectos 2014

This year we have collaborated with Pares Sueltos, a project which promotes diverse theatre art. Thanks to this collaboration,  Liant la Troca will feature in our festival.

Liant la Troca is a Collective of Integrated Dance which was formed in 2011 after workshops run by Jordi Cortés and lead by Patricia Carmona in Roca Umbert´s space la Troca in the town of Granollers.

The group is composed of people with different disabilities; both artistically and physically speaking. For this reason, without even knowing, the audience will become aware of such concepts as Ability, Integration, Accessibility and Inclusion, whilst clearing their minds of such concepts as Disability, Rejection, Inaccessibility, Segregation…


Photo: Liant la Troca

The different members of the group all come from different areas but they all share the necessity to express themselves through art and movement, regardless of their disability. Furthermore, as a result of this collaboration, a group of members from Pares Sueltos carried out their own version of the choreography Rosas Danst Rosas of Anna Teresa de Kaersmaeker, for the project of #HazteunRosas for Trayectos 2014.

This will feature in a video resume of all the different versions that have been received. This final montage will be projected in Etopía Centre of Art and Technology on the first day of the festival and it will also be on our Youtube channel.


Photo: Pares Sueltos

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