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The international Festival of Contemporary Dance of Zaragoza has existed since 2004. It condenses the majority of the dance program offered by the city, providing a vision of local, national and international scenes. Trayectos integrates artistic expression into the city, converting Zaragoza into a stage and a space for co-existentce that inspires creators at the same time as ir favors the encounter of citizens with contemporary dance.

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Mission: To bring contemporary dance to the citizens, seeking the artistic growth of dancers and choreographers, and to respond to social integration processes through the programming, training, awareness-raising, support to projects, and networking in the field of contemporary dance, at a local, national and international level.

Vision: To become a benchmark project worldwide as a result of excellence in management and networking, of the positive impact produced in the national artistic ecosystem and in the local social fabric, and of the contribution to the cultural images associated with the city of Zaragoza.


  • Quality of the programming and of all the artistic initiatives that comprise Trayectos.
  • Accessibility of contemporary dance to the public at large.
  • Project transparency, in all its development phases.
  • Innovation in the project management and in its support formulas,
  • Cooperation with other national or international structures.
  • Generation of value for society, both from the artistic perspective and from the citizens’ perspective.
  • Social cohesion through art.


A. Bring quality contemporary dance to the citizens.

A. 1. Strengthen the link between spectators and contemporary dance artists.

A. 2. Arouse people’s interest in contemporary dance.

A. 3. Construct cooperation mechanisms with other national and international structures.

A. 4. Increase the artistic-creative climate of the city.

A. 5. Apply new technologies related to dissemination, to gaining the public’s loyalty, and to the research of the dancers in this environment.

B. Contribute to the development of contemporary dance artists.

B. 1. Create contexts for the sustainability of contemporary dance companies.

B. 2. Offer tools for the artistic evolution of dancers and choreographers.

C. Use contemporary dance in social inclusion processes.

C. 1. Construct collaboration with entities that combat social exclusion.

C. 2. Favour normalisation processes in people and groups at risk of social exclusion.

Trayectos is the lead project, and one of the longest standing of the Las Voces Humanas association, an entity whose aim is to promote cultural and social projects, and to strengthen the link between citizens and artists from different angles.

Other projects that it has participated in, or that have been organised by Las Voces Humanas, parallel to the Festival and organised around the community Training, Cooperation and Dance Programmes, are listed below:

[portfolio projects=”30″ title=”Latest Projects: 4 Columns” show_title=”no” filters=”otrosproyectos”]

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