Dance Machine

The Community Dance programme is a fundamental part of Trayectos. This programme conceives dance and the arts of movement as tools for achieving social objectives of inclusion, integration and participation. As a continuation of this approach, and within the Zaragoza City Council’s initiative “Neighbourhoods Creating Creating Neighbourhoods”, the project “The Dance Machine” was born. Its general idea is to experiment with what happens when an element has the possibility of changing or generating the dynamics of a space, starting from the idea of dance as something that heals, recognises, and brings creative freedom.

Dance Machine in C.E.I.P. Florencio Jardiel, Peñaflor, 2019

Dance Machine in CEIP Ramiro Solans, 2018

Dance Machine in CEIP Fernando el Católico, 2018

Dance Machine in CEIP Santo Domingo, 2017


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