Jorge García y Débora Maiques

Jorge García & Débora Maiques. Zaragoza-Suiza.

Bipolar Skin/ 8´


Foto: Permi Jhooti

  • Friday 27th June 20:25 h
  • Etopía

“2nd place Cross Connection International Choreographic Competition.”

  • Choreography: Jorge García Pérez.
  • Dancers: Débora Maiques Marín/ Jorge García Pérez.
  • Music: Teresa Carrasco/Max Richter
  • Synopsis: Bipolar Skin tries to reproduce what a human is, the difference between when you find yourself alone and when you have company, this double personality that we all have and which makes us change from a state of excitement to another in no time at all. Although we all have our own natural skin colour, sometimes we mix it with the colour of others, making it seem that everything is normal, but in the end each individual skin has and conserves its own essence.

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